1.Where is the project located? What are the advantages of the location?
The project is located on Chikkatirupathi Road, Sarjapur Extension

2.How far is it from the main road.
The project is located on the main road (National Highway 207) with ~65m frontage

3.What is the total land area of the project?
The total envisaged area for development is appx.100 acres with appx.70 acres being planned for development in the first Phase

4.How far is the from the toll gate
No, there is no toll gate

5.Any near by landmark
Chikkatirupati temple

6.How far is it from NH?
The project is located on the main road (National Highway 207) with ~65m frontage

7.How is the connectivity?
The project offers great connectivity to Sarjapur Main Road, Outer Ring Road and Whitefield

8.What is the road width?
There are multiple road widths, we will have a 18m spinal road. Apart from this there will be majority 9m wideroads & one cart track road of 12m width in the project

9.What is the width of the footpath given to the Roads?
1.5m wide footpath will be provided

10.What does the 9mts road include?
This includes a pathway, planter on one sides of a 6m clear carriageway. A service line will also run along the carriageway.

11.what does the 18mts Road include?
This includes a planter,a walk pathway,a 2 way bicylce track and a 7m two way driveway

12.Is Carparking allowed on the road?
Though not advisable, it is allowed

13.Material of roads
Concrete / Pavers / Bitumen will be used

14.How many Entry and Exits are there in the Project
A total of 6 points of entries/exits are planned in the overall envisaged 100 acre development. Out of these 5 points of entry/exit will come in Phase 1 of the development.

15.How many Retail outlets are there in there project? Will it be sold to the out siders?
There are earmarked retail plots. These will be sold to outsiders abd they will be freeto build any retail structure in the same. There are no specific constructed retail portions by Godrej in the development. However, we will be having a full fledged clubhouse (inclusive of a restaurant) and an ancillary portion which will house a creche, supermarket etc

16.Can Corner plots have 2 entrance?
Yes, you can have 2 entrances

17.Are there any restrictions on the entrances?
No, there are no restrictions even though the entire site will be manned by security 24/7

18.Are there any Restrictions to use the clubhouse?
No. There will be no restrictions. Even outsiders will be granted access to the clubhouse. However, rates of usage may vary basis model of subscription. In the event that the club is handed over to the association at a future date, the association in consultation with all residents might frame their own rules and charges for usage.

19.What is the total area used for the amenities?
The clubhouse including the ancillary retail structure will be appx.50k sq.ft. combined. Apart from this, we will have appx. 22 acres of landscaped area out of which appx.12 acres will be developed as parks, playgrounds and gardens. The remaining shall be forest and trails.

20.What is the inner road width
All internal roads are 9m roads

21. How is the Clubhouse associated ? Will it be Open for Membership for the 3rd party? Is it maintained by an association?
As of now the club house is planned to be retained by Godrej and run through a service provider like Spree hospitality. It will be open to public basis membership. Appropriate charges will be applicable against usage of certain facilities. These charges will depend on the modality of subscription. No seperate maintenance will be charged to the association until Godrej maintain it. In case the club is handed over to the association at a later period, a maintenance fees as stipulated by the association may be applicable.

22.Will there be a PMC in Place?
No, we will not have a PMC

23.Who will maintain the club and will it be charged to the customers?
The club will be maitained by Godrej through an appointed agency. Maintenance fees will not be charged to customers. However, subscription fees will be charged for its usage at subsidised rates. In case the club is handed over to the association ata later period, a maintenance fees as stipulated by the association may be applicable.

24.Can person Convert the ground floor for Commercials and then build house above?
No. It is a residential development. However, if the buyer gets the plot converted (change of land use) to comemrcial from the geovernment, he can do the same.

25.Can Godrej Properties help for construction?
No, Godrej will not be constructing individual houses or assisting in the same.

26.Can I combine 2 Plots and construct a commercial Space?
2 plots can be combined by means of a amalgamation process. Post the amalgamantion, a commercial space can be buit upon conversion (CLU) of the specific combined plot to commercial zone from a current residential approval. This however, has to be done by the buyers post registration of plots by GPL after obtaining all necessary permissions from the competent authorities.

27. Do we have Generator and power Backup? And what are the areas it covers?
Yes. It will cover the common areas of the entire property. It will not be provided for individual plots.

28.Is there a separate sump for each plots?
No, there is no seperate sump for each plot. There will be an inlet water point provided for each plot which will be the source of water. This can be directed to the sump by the buyer into a sump built by himself if required.

29.What is the distance between the plots?
Most of the plots are adjacent to each other and share a common boundary. For plots located on either sides of the road, the road width defines the minimum distance between plots

30.What is the source of water?
Currently, tanker water and 1 existing common borewell is the source of water

31.Is there an STP?
Yes, there are common STP's

32.To what level are modifications possible in the plots?
Plots will not be modified until registration of the same. However, subdivison and amalgamation of plots might be applicable as per government norms depending on road access, width of plots to be amalagamated or bifurcated etc.The buyer should do this himself post registration.

33.When will the Association be formed?
When will the agreements be executed

34.What are the norms when someone need to transfer the land to the 3rd party and what happens to the club membership?
There is no club membership. The new buyer has to pay subscription and usage charges as applicable if he has to use the club house.

35.What are the Restrictions for the clubhouse?
The club house has no restrictions. In case the club is handed over to the association at a later date, they might form their own rules in consultation with all plot owners

36.Can I paint my home as per my wish( Externally)
Yes, it can be painted in any colour

37.Will we get any architectural design with our Site plan.
No, we do have suggestive layout plans for the standard plot sizes. However, they are merely for purpose of representation and not execution.

38.Can I get an individual borewell within my plot?
Subject to approval from necessary government authorities. To be done by the buyer himself

39.Can I combine 2 Plots and construct?
2 plots can be combined by means of an amalgamation process. Post combining, a residnetial unit can be built by the buyer subject to applicable byelaws and norms.

40.Can I see my plot Physically?
The plot cannot be seeen as yet as development is yet to commence. However, it can be seen post completion of development.

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